Professional Liability

Many of our lawyers spend much of their time defending claims against professionals.

We represent the insurers and professional associations which defend lawyers, physicians, dentists, nurses, accountants, engineers and architects.

We understand the issues of standard of care and causation because we deal with them every day. We know how frustrating a frivolous claim against a professional can be. We know how important it is to any professional to maintain his or her good reputation.  As lawyers, we know that confidential means confidential but we also appreciate how upsetting professional liability claims can sometimes be and we take extra care to be sensitive to our clients’ privacy concerns.

Where appropriate, we encourage and facilitate the early resolution of claims through motions, mediations and the old-fashioned but tried-and-true method of pick-up-the-phone negotiation. Where a resolution is unwelcome or impossible, we defend our clients at trial and we are proud of our firm’s trial track record.

Professional Regulation
We represent professionals including lawyers, physicians, psychologists, nurses, massage therapists and veterinarians in relation to issues involving their governing bodies.

We assist our clients with their responses to client or patient complaints. We advise clients in relation to investigations and we represent our clients at hearings and in appeals.

We also give advice to professional before their governing bodies have become involved when they
believe they are facing ethical or practice issues.