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Court Orders Production of Facebook Information in Accident Benefits Action

Wice v. Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company is another in a recently-emerging line of cases that have considered the extent to which a party has an obligation to produce information on his or her Facebook profile. This case involved … Continue reading

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Partial Indemnity = 55% of Actual Fees Billed?

Mr. Justice Timothy Ray held this summer, in Boyd v. Taj Mahal Stables Inc., that “Partial indemnity costs are generally measured as approximately 55% of the reasonable solicitor client account. The reason is that substantial indemnity costs are generally accepted … Continue reading

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Bill 198 a “Codification” of Meyer v. Bright, says Ferguson J.

In Hayden v. Stevenson, Madam Justice Jane E.¬†Ferguson of the Ontario Superior Court held that the Bill 198 amendments to the Insurance Act¬†are a “codification of existing law” and in doing so, sided with Madam Justice Morissette in Nissan v. … Continue reading

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