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Cavillations is a site on which Stephen Cavanagh, a lawyer in Ottawa, Canada, discusses developments in insurance, tort and procedural law in Ontario. The information contained on this site is provided for general information only and is not intended as professional legal advice. The site does not necessarily reflect the views of any of the other lawyers practising at Cavanagh LLP. Further, it is not intended that a lawyer-client relationship arise from the reading of commentaries posted on Cavillations.

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  1. Sue Waterman, FIIC says:

    Newbigging & Butler
    Thank you, I think..
    As the broker responsible for E & O insurance & loss prevention for our group of 80 brokerages I’ve just sent your excellent article out to everyone as a cautionary tale ..
    We can certainly add clear written explanations of how vacancy exclusions work when sending out residential rental policies – and after Cheecham & Meadow North we’ve been recimending that anyway – but if insureds can now avoid exclusions by claiming they didn’t read them, I’m not sure we can ever win..
    Inevitably it will be the one exclusion we didn’t explain in depth that will apply .

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