Senior Partner and Junior Associate

The CCLA’s “Montebello at Mont Tremblant” Civil Litigation conference was held this weekend. This was the conference’s first year at its new location. It was a great success and congratulations go to our own Heather Williams who co-chaired the conference again this year and Susanne Sviergula who is a member of the organizing committee, as well as to co-chair Bill Simpson and the other committee members.

A number of people asked me if they could obtain copies of the short animations that accompanied my presentation so I have uploaded them. Just click on the links below. But remember, “Senior Partner” and “Junior Associate” are fictional characters and any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental!

The videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Senior Partner and Junior Associate #1

Senior Partner and Junior Associate #2

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